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Mortgage Rates

Panic in the financial markets is usually good for interest rates.  This episode has been no exception.  


Rates have dropped by 1/2 pt. since Friday




Real Estate N​​ews


Have clients that need Down Payment assistance?


Down payment assistance is provided as a 0% interest, $0 payment loan that is forgivable after 5 years of living at the home as your primary residence. Funds are first come, first served. Homebuyers must have at least $1,000 of their own funds vested into the transaction. Please check with us to make sure funding is available.


Mortga​​​​ge Payment Calculator w/ Amortization


Use this calculator to quickly estimate your monthly payment and view the amortization schedule. Optional fields include taxes, insurance, HOA dues and PMI. This is an excellent calculator to bookmark if you're house shopping.


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